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Beat The Heat with Summer Savings!

Friday, October 14th, 2011

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 AlohaAir Conditioning Benifitting The Susan G Komen for the Cure service repair maintenance installation truck


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The Benefits of Ductless

The popularity of wall mounted mini split air conditioners around the world is evidence that ductless equipment is here to stay. The United States has jumped on board and contractors and consumers keep finding new and ingenious ways of using ductless equipment.

A few reasons why…

Cost: A competitive United States ductless market has helped drive prices down and efficiency up.

Installation: Installation of ductless equipment is very clean and easy.

Space Requirement: Many older homes, cabins and additions were not built with central air conditioning in mind and do not have adequate space for ductwork. Wall mounted mini split air conditioners negate the need for added ductwork. Refrigerant line sets and wiring can easily run through attics, walls and ceilings to connect with the outdoor condenser.

Efficiency: Ductless split systems have become increasingly more efficient since United States minimum requirements rose to 13 SEER. It is not uncommon to find ductless equipment exceeding 20 SEER.

Zone Control: Many mini split owners already have an existing central air conditioner system in their home. Smaller central air conditioners and older equipment are expensive to replace and many consumers have purchased mini split air conditioners to cool areas that their existing systems can’t handle. Mini split air conditioners have the ability to cool any area or zone in a building.

Heating Capabilities: Many ductless mini split systems offer either heat pump or electric heat functions. This is an excellent added feature for areas that require heat during the year and either do not have a furnace or the furnace isn’t capable of adequately warming the area.

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We want to give you 10% off your next air conditioning repair?

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

All you have to do is call and ask us to sign you up for an energy savings agreement.
Yes, It is really that easy!

Click here for complete energy savings agreement information.

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Save 10% on any repair while you have an active annual air conditioning maintenance agreement.

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Annual Energy Savings Agreements

Keeping up with your HVAC system could save you thousands in repair and replacement costs.

You know your automobile requires routine maintenance to keep it running at peak performance and to ensure its longevity.

What many do not realize is, like your automobile, your air conditioning system requires routine maintenance to keep it operating at its peak performance and efficiency. The fact is that while we love to think of our machines and appliances as fail-proof, any man-made machine will inherently need proper maintenance.

Even the highest quality machines require regular preventative maintenance to continue to operate at their reliable high levels. During a preventative maintenance visit, a service technician will most likely perform factory recommended maintenance on your system:

– Inspect and clean filters

– Inspect (and clean and lubricate if necessary) moving parts, evaporator coil, electronics, compressor fan motor, blades, blower assembly and safety controls

– Adjust belts

– Check refrigerant level

– Drain pan

– Check lines and evaporator coil

Preventative maintenance programs may vary slightly from one company to the next, but the general idea behind all programs is to ensure that all elements of the machine are working properly and prevent costly repairs in the future.

Over the past 30 years Aloha A/C has offered maintenance agreements to lower electrical costs and increase equipment longevity to our loyal customers and have saved them hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs energy and equipment cost. Contact us today.

As an Aloha Air Conditioning maintenance agreement holder we will discount any charges by 10% should the system need service in between your regularly scheduled ac maintenance visits.

Savings, is not the only benefit you get by becoming an annual a/c maintenance agreement holder, you also receive priority status when you do call for service.

We can save you money by performing an energy efficiency tune-up on the air conditioning equipment and count the service call charge as a first maintenance visit thus waiving the service call charge. This is currently a $69.00 value.

Often times we can convert a service or repair call to a maintenance visit saving you up to 50% of your repair cost plus get you on a maintenance plan. Regular service helps to avoid some of those unexpected costs.


Q: What is an Energy Efficiency Tune-up Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreement?

A: An Energy Efficiency Tune-up A/C Maintenance Agreement is the performance of the following:

  • Check Refrigerant Charge pressure.
  • Clean the Inside Handler Condensate drain line and drain pan.
  • Check UV light. (if applicable)
  • Install Algae buildup preventive tablets.
  • Check the actual Temperature split across the Inside Handler and Condensing Coils for proper heat transfer.
  • Check each electrical component amp draw and operation.
  • Tighten all Electrical connections.
  • Lubricate any and all Motor or Blower Bearings
  • Check Belt wear and adjust tension
  • Inspect Filter and replace customer supplied Filter as needed (Filters can be purchased from Aloha, contact our offices for pricing)
  • All Energy Efficiency A/C Agreement customers will receive 10% labor discount on any regular service provided throughout the year.
  • All Energy Efficiency AC Agreement customers will receive Priority Service Call Status in case of equipment breakdown.

Parts and labor required for mechanical breakdowns will be billed at current retail prices unless covered by manufacturer’s warranty.

Work specifically excluded from Energy Efficiency Tune-up A/C agreement such as:

  • Coil Cleanings and common multiple drain or common multiple condensate line problems. (involving condominium or multifamily dwellings)
  • Replacing blown fuses, Resetting of circuit breakers.
  • Improper setting of thermostat or other controls and adjusting grills.
  • Replacing burned out disconnect.

The General Conditions of our Energy Efficiency Tune-up A/C Agreement:

  1. All work described above shall be performed during regular working hours which are from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday – Friday. Aloha reserves the right to charge overtime for work performed during periods other than regular working hours.
  2. This contractor assumes no liability for operation of the equipment. Under no circumstances will this contractor be liable for subsequent or speculative damages, or injury due to the use or the failure of the A/C system.
  3. This is not intended to maintain indoor air quality
  4. No service will be rendered under this agreement if customer has past due account.
  5. This Energy Efficiency Tune-up AC Agreement will automatically self renew by payment of the invoice from year to year.

Here is a quick link to our Residential web-page.

Call now to set up your maintenance agreement and first service visit 954 772 0079

Come On We Wanna Cool Ya!

Have more questions about our A/C maintenance agreement offer click here to contact us now.

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Air Conditioning HVAC Freon Leak Repair Specialist

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Aloha Air Conditioning is proud to have a team of qualified freon leak repair service technicians that are properly licensed, insured and have preformed HVAC system high pressure test since 1982. 

When an air conditioning system has been found to be low on refrigerant. (freon). The technician will charge the system with refrigerant and check the equipment for leaks at the accessible pipe joints along with tightening of all fittings. However, should no leak be evident at that time. You now have options available to you such as: 

  1. Let the system run with the added refrigerant charge until such time leak becomes larger and we are able to pinpoint the location of the freon leak.

    (WARNING: Running an ac system low on refrigerant can cause damage to the equipment. Aloha Air Conditioning, Inc. cannot be held responsible for any damages resulting from this decision.)

  2. Install freon leak detector seal, this product is installed in the A/C system pipes and will often times seal small freon leaks. Please note: This product is an inexpensive attempt to seal a leak but is NOT always 100% effective on sealing all refrigerant leaks. This product cannot seal large leaks and there is NO guarantee this will solve your freon leak repair problem.

    (WARNING: Running an ac system low on refrigerant can cause damage to the equipment. Aloha Air Conditioning, Inc. cannot be held responsible for any damages resulting from this decision.)

  3. This should be performed if the A/C system has a history of freon leak repairs. Perform a high pressure test which requires the isolation of the air handler unit, both liquid and suction refrigerant pipes and condenser.

The air handler, condenser, liquid and suction refrigerant pipes will be put under 300 pounds of nitrogen pressure and left for a period of time. (The normal time range is 24 to 48 hours.) Then the technician will return to determine which section of the piping has low pressure and repair or replace the leaking area and recharge the system. While this is the proper way to resolve freon leak repair problems, it is also more labor and material intensive. 

We look forward to helping you through the process of correctly diagnosing and resolving your air conditioning systems problem.

Don’t wait to set your appointment. Call (954) 772-0079 now and schedule a certified service technicain to come diagnose and recommend the proper actions to take in dealing with your air conditioning system freon leak repair.

We proudly provide service in the following south Florida areas:

Here is a quick link to take you to top of our Home page.

Here is a quick link so you may visit our Contact Us form page to quickly and easily request of more information from us about how we can help with your refrigerant leak repair now.

Click right here for our website site map and check out the rest of what Aloha A/C has to offer.

We look forward to hearing all your thoughts about our website please comment below before you go.

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Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Since 1982 we have brought you high quality, high efficiency energy saving HVAC equipment. This year Aloha Air Conditioning is proud to announce the grand opening of our plumbing division. You can expect the same great service you have come to know and trust.

Our C’mon We Wanna Cool U slogan came about in early February of 2011. The result of the time and effort we put into finding out what our current customers think and feel about Aloha Air Conditioning. After listening to the feedback C’mon We Wanna Cool U was born.

Our customers told us what they like most. Was our commitment to our company Motto: “To Provide the Highest Quality Service, At the Lowest Economical Cost to Our Customer” and how they could feel just how much Aloha’s staff cares about their air and comfort.

The second most popular response we received from our customers was their appreciation for the way Aloha’s technician’s respected their homes and offices each time they would visit with them.

We also found out one of the strongest reasons why our customers continue to do business with us year after year was our commitment to prompt and accurate communication whether it was face to face, on the phone or through Email.

Last but by no means least our customers told us just how much they love the fact that we are family owned and operated along with the fact that the average length of time our employees have been on staff is well over 15 years.

When you call (954) 772 – 0079 please remember to tell us what form of advertising brought you to us. For example maybe our billboard, an Internet search, the television news cast, an existing customer referral, company truck, Church newsletter, yearbook or a school sporting event. 

We look forward to speaking with, getting to know you, showing you just how much we care about your air and that your comfort is our main concern.

Please use the search box to the right to find other useful information or the quick links to other sections of our website below:

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So C’mon leave a comment and maybe you will see us make a change inspired by you !

C’mon we wanna return to the top of the page.

C’mon everyone wants you to contact Aloha!

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