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Aloha features the most recent HVAC Air Conditioners built by brand names while providing A/C maintenance service, installation, and repair to many satisfied residents and commercial customers of Weston. Aloha Ac is a proud Rheem Team Top Contractor!  

Aloha will help you with financial questions and problems by providing you with many options including the latest environmentally friendly units for prices no one else can beat!  

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Aloha Mrs Munro Weston FL a/c repair serviceAloha A/C. Has many wonderful customers. In the City such as:

Welcome to Capriccio and Tarantella Italian Restaurants! We have provided Air Conditioning Replacement Weston, Refrigeration, Heating, Cooling Maintenance, Repair Service and Installations for this delightful restaurant since 1996.  

Another great company. Aloha Air Conditioning has serviced. Since 2002 is Emerald Equity 2843 Executive Park Dr. , FL 33331 (954) 385-6766.

Aloha Air Conditioning Also, has 100+ residential customers.

They have maintenance and service agreements within the City.

The Following information was used from the City Building Code Services Page.

Building Code Services
C.A.P. Government, Inc.
2700 South Commerce Parkway, Suite 103
FL 33331
Telephone: 954-385-0500
Fax: 954-888-9018

The City contracts with C.A.P. Government, Inc. for building and permitting.

The purpose of building code services is to assure compliance with the Florida Building Code, Broward County Edition. Which regulates all building construction activities within the City.

These services include: building plan review, the issuance of building permits, and inspections during construction, issuance of Certificates of Occupancy, and building code enforcement.

Building permits are issued in the name of and on behalf of the City , and all building construction activities having a value greater than $800.00 require a building permit.


We Do not charge permit fees.  

We simply collect them.  

In most cases permit costs are billed as additional charges on all Weston AC estimates.  


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