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Air Conditioning Repair Cooper City AC Repair, Service and Equipment

A strong sense of community, excellent park, recreational facilities and exceptional schools are just one of few things that make Cooper City “Some place Special”. Aloha Air Conditioning is fit to cover all your A/C service, maintenance, repair or replacement needs at an affordable price. Save more money by choosing Aloha’s many environmentally friendly units or talk to us about your financial needs and we’ll find the correct unit for you!

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Here is a snippet from our Aloha Air Conditioning Customer Reviews page:

Dan Roth Said "He would not think twice about recommending Aloha AC & Plumbing service to anyone."
Dan Says: June 25th, 2011 at 12:13 pm

I am a fairly critical customer as I was involved in the building business, including apartments, for decades. I looked very carefully at the work done by your installers and they did an excellent job. They did not cut corners or gloss over installation procedures. I was only there for about a week after the job was done, however, everything seemed to be running properly. When I come back down, hopefully, it will still be working.
I know that most mechanical defects in the equipment show themselves in about 90 days so I am keeping my fingers crossed. My only concern relates to the change over to R410 and the retention of the original refrigeration lines. My understanding is that the compressor oil used with R410 does not mix well with the old compressor oil. During installation you are supposed to carefully clean out the lines. I am sure your installers have this down to a science by now. I think they had a nitrogen tank that they used to blow out lines, etc. Anyhow, please let your installers know that I am very pleased with the job and would not hesitate to refer anyone who asks me to your company. I have not forgotten Tim. He was very helpful in the process. He was on top of everything related to getting job done efficiently.
I came down to Florida specially to get this all done and he made sure that it happened exactly the way it was supposed to. Dan Roth.

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Contact us today 954 772-0079

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