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When Pembroke Pines residents look for a progressive A/C repair service that prides it self on fast and reliable work while keeping up with the latest advances in the market Aloha A/C services is the first in line.

Aloha’s staff will help you find the perfect Air Conditioner for your home or building all the while keeping your budget in mind.

We have specialized in commercial and residential installation, service, maintenance and air conditioning repair in the city of Pembroke Pines, Florida since 1982!

Aloha also provides the environmentally conscious an option to choose “Green” A/C units which reduce the number of harmful wastes and in the long run will cost less to maintain and run.

We care about your air conditioning repair Pembroke Pines whether you need service, maintenance or new equipment. Contact our Staff to find out what all your cost saving options are. Call Today 954 772 0079.

You can not control when your home or office air conditioning system breaks down. That is why we are available for all your service, repair, maintenance and installation questions, concerns twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty five days a year. 

Has your central air conditioning system been installed for over 10 years? Wondering how much you could save on your monthly utility bills by installing a new energy efficent system contact us for a free estimate now.

Aloha Air Conditioning Repair Pembroke Pines 24 hour Service, Maintenance and Installation. “C’MON WE WANNA COOL U”

Aloha Juan and Ann A Pembroke Pines FL permitted air conditioning system replacement


Aloha Air Conditioning Repair Pembroke Pines Florida #1 Service, Maintenance and Installation company!

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