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Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Since 1982 we have brought you high quality, high efficiency energy saving HVAC equipment. This year Aloha Air Conditioning is proud to announce the grand opening of our plumbing division. You can expect the same great service you have come to know and trust.

Our C’mon We Wanna Cool U slogan came about in early February of 2011. The result of the time and effort we put into finding out what our current customers think and feel about Aloha Air Conditioning. After listening to the feedback C’mon We Wanna Cool U was born.

Our customers told us what they like most. Was our commitment to our company Motto: “To Provide the Highest Quality Service, At the Lowest Economical Cost to Our Customer” and how they could feel just how much Aloha’s staff cares about their air and comfort.

The second most popular response we received from our customers was their appreciation for the way Aloha’s technician’s respected their homes and offices each time they would visit with them.

We also found out one of the strongest reasons why our customers continue to do business with us year after year was our commitment to prompt and accurate communication whether it was face to face, on the phone or through Email.

Last but by no means least our customers told us just how much they love the fact that we are family owned and operated along with the fact that the average length of time our employees have been on staff is well over 15 years.

When you call (954) 772 – 0079 please remember to tell us what form of advertising brought you to us. For example maybe our billboard, an Internet search, the television news cast, an existing customer referral, company truck, Church newsletter, yearbook or a school sporting event. 

We look forward to speaking with, getting to know you, showing you just how much we care about your air and that your comfort is our main concern.

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So C’mon leave a comment and maybe you will see us make a change inspired by you !

C’mon we wanna return to the top of the page.

C’mon everyone wants you to contact Aloha!

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Do you need a HVAC condensate drain water leak repair, service and maintenance company?

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

Our recommended actions to take when you find a condensate water leak.

  1. Turn the thermostat of the system to the off position.
  2. Use a bucket or towel as needed to sop up the water dampened area.
  3. Inspect the air filter for water.
  4. Call a qualified, licensed and insured company to inspect the system and recommend the proper repair steps to be taken.

The most common cause for a HVAC system to leak from the condensate drain or air handler drain pan is algae buildup causing a blockage. The second most often found cause is ice built up on a frozen air handler coil.

Most condensate water leak repairs are fairly inexpensive and can be corrected in a short amount of time.

However, the best protection for you is prevention. One thing all of our existing maintenance agreement holders already know (besides priority service and saving 10% on labor for any repair) is the importance of having a water safety float switch installed in the condensate drain and condensate drain pan. This way when the condensate line or condensate pan back up the system is automatically shutdown.

We know that there are many companies out there in our industry for you select from for your system water leak repair. That’s why, when you choose to contact us. We promise…

“To Provide the Highest Quality Service, At the Lowest Economical Cost to Our Customer” 

Since, 1982 Aloha Air Conditioning Inc. has been family owned and operated. We know how hard it is to find professionally trained, high quality, reliable and honest people who are licensed and insured.

  • We will answer the phone day or night, even weekends and holidays.
  • We will call you back, should you have to leave a message. 
  • We will respond to emails, show up on time, and respect your home and personal belongings.

Contact us right away to set up a service call for your system condensate water leak before it turns into a costly drain on your pocket and time consuming repair.

We service all of Broward, South West Palm Beach and North Miami Dade Counties. We are available 24 hours a day, 7days a week and do not charge over time for Saturday service calls.

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Announcing Rebates up to $1,000 with the City of Fort Lauderdale’s SMART WATTS Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Cash Back For Energy Improvements

Residents may qualify for up to $1,000 in cash rebates for energy efficient improvements under a new City of Fort Lauderdale program aimed at improving energy efficiency, protecting the environment and lowering monthly energy bills.

Rebates will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis for the purchase and installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC), solar or gas on-demand water heaters, solar panels, Energy Star windows or doors and insulation. The program provides a 50% match of up to $1,000. The City plans to distribute $235,000 in federal grants.

How It Works

Residents submit a short application for program participation approval the includes an FPL Energy Survey Report, proof of owner occupancy, the type of improvement and a written estimate of the work. At the time of approval, the City will earmark the funds needed to issue your rebate check.

Approved applicants have four months to complete the work and submit a request for their rebate check along with the home improvement proof of purchase and permit documentation. If an applicant does not submit the rebate request within four months of approval, the unused funding will be reallocated to applicants who are placed on a waiting list.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must own and occupy the Fort Lauderdale property being improved.
  • Applicants must obtain a free FPL Energy Survey (available online) and submit a copy of the FPL Energy Report.
  • Home improvements must meet Energy Star qualifications and/or Florida Building Code (which will depend on the item selected).
  • Applicants or their contractors must obtain necessary permits.
  • Energy efficient systems must be installed by a certified FPL Participating Independent Contractor or Licensed Florida installer.
  • Purchases and installations must occur after November 15, 2010

This program is funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program using funds allocated under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. There is a limit of one rebate per household.

For more information and an application package, visit or contact the 24-Hour Customer Service Center at 954-828-8000

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Self-Contained, Ceiling-Mounted Air Conditioners: A Cost-Effective Solution for Server Rooms.

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

As businesses become more and more dependent on computers and telecom equipment to keep their critical operations running 24/7, they face a new challenge that often takes them by surprise:

How to keep their server or telecom room cool when the building’s central air conditioning system is inadequate or is otherwise turned off—such as during off hours, weekends and holidays, or during cold-weather months, when the HVAC system is in heating mode.

Adding to the difficulty is a lack of floor space. A relatively new class of self-contained, ceiling-mounted air conditioners can provide a cost-effective, space-saving solution.

• Self-contained, all-in-one units have lower installation costs than mini-splits or precision cooling systems

• No penetration of wall or roof required

• No outside condensing unit to maintain

• Compact size fits easily above drop ceiling, takes up no floor space

Contact Aloha Air Conditioning sales team for details.

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American Standard Silver Series Home Heating and Cooling Equipment line and Accu Clean System

Friday, February 4th, 2011

On February4Th 2011, American Standard announced It’s Silver Series line…it’s what you’ve been waiting for.

It’s the latest and greatest of American Standard equipment line, the impressive communicating systems of the new “Silver Series” equipment line:

  • Duration Compressor
  • All Aluminum Duration Coil
  • Manual Charge Assist
  • Over 3 Million hours Fatigue Cycle Testing
  • Impact & Weed Eater Test
  • 700 Hours Cycle acidified salt fog testing
  • Easy to clean, 20% lighter, 40& smaller
  • Uses 40% less refrigerant
  • Same American Standard quality and reliability at a competitive price

For lots of people in Florida, Spring = allergies. This is the perfect time to take advantage of the American Standard Accu Clean system. The Accu Clean removes up to 99.98% of the particles and allergens from filtered air and the Air Handler removes up to 99% of airborne particulates. Not only during the Spring and Summer, but all year long – Helping Customer understand the importance of indoor air quality:

  • bacteria
  • allergens
  • mold
  • viruses
  • dust

With the Accu Clean breathe the cleanest air possible.

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